data driven graphics made easy


When I get ideas, I record them.

Bylines of interest

These are catch phrases that remind me of what it is I am trying to do.

  • Hiding complexity while remaining flexible. (Elastic Search co-founder, Alex Brasetvik on Getting Started with Found video)

Company Org charts

Company hierarchical organisational charts

These are relatively simple charts or diagrams showing the company structure from the Board/CEO/President down. However they do change relatively often and keeping them up-to-date is often assigned as a manual task to a junior staff member. The result is inconsistent, out-of-date and badly presented structures. If the chart was drawn from a data set it would be much easier to update. It could also be acting on a data API so it would redraw when the source data was changed. Furthermore it could be made dynamic to it expands as the user moves or clicks around the chart, because in a big company it is impossible to fit it all into one page.

Corporate Dashboards

Corporate/business summary reporting

Business, especially corporates love have reporting "dashboards" to report to staff and other stakeholders. Now many applications allow for this, but the problem is that businesses want to report on many aspects and the data invariably comes from different applications.

So quite typically the data is pulled together in a charting application, often something like Excel is used to create charts which are then exported, and presented on an internal or external website. Now while this works it is not the best solution.

Rugby stats

Rugby tournament statistics visualisation

Would be good to get for rugby world cup, but probably won't have time. Idea would be to represent "all things tournament" in a live and visual way from the draw, players (in position on the field), game statistics (live if I could get them). Key to this would be automating the retrieval of the data - but I doubt any source exists - it would be a big draw card, and then applicable to other sports and possible to get my name and service out there.

Web based slides presenter

Powerpoint and other proprietary slide presentations suck on the web. Make an easy way to create slides for web-based presentation

  • Quick to load
  • No plugins needed
  • Easy to modify
  • Self-contained download