data driven graphics made easy


Who are we and what do we do is a site under development for an undergraduate design degree course. The aim is to build a site that describes the development of a service to meet the needs on users who want to create data driven web graphics without code. And then to provide that service.

This site was started in August 2015 and is a course deliverable - it replaces the traditional visual diary. As such it is not ready for general use. However if you getting anything useful out it, well and good. In the meantime watch this space. Target date for completion is November, 2015.

What is the service?

Creating standards-based web graphics is much easier than it used to be thanks to many available tools. However it is still a reasonably time-consuming and technical task, and many people who want to use these graphics on their website just want an easy way to use the graphics.

The service will be provided in two areas:

  • The aim is to develop online web tools that allow users to produce code that can be copied to their website, or easily called from this site by adding a small snippet of code to their own site
  • A personal service provided by me, Jack McKenzie, the grafixgeek, developing data driven graphics for those people who want a turnkey solution