data driven graphics made easy


The Virtual Visual Diary

The process part of the website replaces the traditional visual diary for this project. It is personal nature, but with public visibility. I haven't shown iterations of design and so on - working digitally I have just modified things as I see fit until I am happy. The process happens continually and having to stop to make a record of each step has just seemed to be very inefficient.

Ideas - as I get ideas I just record them in a register and they appear on this page.

Actions - as I do things I record them here

Examples - there many thousands of examples of D3 data visualisation on the web - here are links to a few indexes of examples. These are really useful to get idea, and see how things are done. If you are lucky you can use the code as a starting point.

Inspiration - A separate Inspiration "sketchbook" is required for this project. I've decided to do this using blog posts. Any posts that have inspirational material are tagged so they appear in this index. The resources and examples pages are also an important part of the inspiration sketchbook.