data driven graphics made easy


About me. My name is Jack McKenzie and I am the grafixgeek.

Photo courtesy of Michaela Nicholson

Since 1995 I have been building websites, most of the time doing it for a living. Two years ago I decided to go polytech to study photography. However during my studies I switched to graphic design deciding that it would compliment my web development skills, and that photography should remain a hobby.

This website is a product of that course. It provides an expression of my design skills in the web, and links back to my first career as a scientist. The reason I "got into the web" in the first place was because I felt there was so information that needed to be disseminated in a better way. The web has proved to be a great medium for that. And for best results, data needs to be visualised.

When you work with, you work with me. If I do anything for you, I will do everything in my power to ensure you are more than happy with the work.